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News for 20 Jan 2000

Manga Entertainment Announces DVDs for 2000
Manga Entertainment has told EX that it plans to release a lot of its back
catalog onto DVD this year. First up will be PERFECT BLUE, WINGS OF
HONNEAMISE, CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO, and DEVILMAN 1 and 2. No release dates have
been set yet, but Manga Entertainment has promised to provide us with
additional information as it becomes available.

GUNDAM WING Flies On To Video
Bandai Entertainment announced today that its latest GUNDAM show, MOBILE SUIT
GUNDAM WING (née NEW MOBILE REPORT GUNDAM WING) will be available in English
language VHS, English subtitled VHS, and dual-language DVD. The series will
be released monthly, beginning in May 2000. Volume 1 of the VHS tapes will
contain 4 episodes; future volumes will contain 3 episodes each. The DVD
release will contain 5 episodes per volume.
In addition, the first production run of Volume 1 (both VHS and DVD) will
contain a limited-edition 3D card of the cover art. This unique card will
become a true collectible for anime fans.
To coincide with the television debut of GUNDAM WING, Bandai America will be
releasing a line of GUNDAM WING action figure model kits nation-wide this
spring, and the Sega Dreamcast game GUNDAM: SIDE STORY is scheduled for
release in April.
Bandai Entertainment also told EX that GUNDAM WING is scheduled to begin
airing on the Toonami Block of the Cartoon Network in March. More information
can be found on as it becomes available.

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