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Rather than run through all of my Z-Gundam episodes on tape, which are
n-generation dubs of off-air recordings made in the mid-1980s, I started
going through my 10-volume set of The Anime Film Comics, each of which has
5 eps per volume.

In Volume 2, on page 40, there's a scene from Episode 7: Escape At Side 1
in which Jamaican is briefing the Titans pilots on the Ahgama's possible
flight paths. The orange wall map clearly shows "SIDE-2" (text as shown
beside a line art representation of a colony) in the L4 position, "SIDE-4"
at the L1 position, "SIDE-3" at the L2 position and "SIDE-1" at the L5
position, with Ahgama trajectories to Side 1, the Moon and Side 1.

I would be remiss if I did not further report that, on page 9, a similar
scene in Episode 6: To The Earth Sphere, had the orange wall map
(apparently in a "filtered" view) showing only the Moon, Side 1 and Side 2
with Side 1 in the L5 position and Side 2 below and to the left of Side 1,
apparently not in Lunar orbit at all. Both the Moon and the two Sides are
represented by small circles.

The latter is obviously incorrect, but it was also not really meant to be
seen. The former is a close-up of the space map that is clearly meant to
underscore what Jamaican is saying. In any case, it shows Side 4 at L1,
for whatever that is worth.

Volume 5 has a space map showing Sides 1 and 6 at L5, Side 4 at L1, Side 3
at L2 and Sides 2 and 5 at L4, but it's a construct of the film comics
staff, not an on-screen display from the actual anime.


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