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> Has anyone got the issue of Model Graphix with the
> modified GM on its cover? Are those things it's
> launching funnels, and how's this issue in general?

The issue in question is actually January 2000 issue;
the one on Feb 00 (with a GP-02A on cover) features a
34-page special issue of UC technology in 0083, with
retocon conversion inc. GP-02A with back thrusters and
clay bazooka that'll eventually used on RMS-099 Rick

I haven't bought the Jan 00 issue yet, but judging
from the cover, that beautiful GM III is a conversion
using MG Gundam mkII. BTW, those are not funnels, they
are GM III's skirt-mounted missile launchers, an
optional gear that appeared on the GM III in Gundam ZZ
TV series. There are two other conversions too, but I
forget what they are. (sorry)

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