Sir Loin of Beef (
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:17:42 +0800

Rainbow Ten is taking orders for some new stuff.
Anyone knows what the Zion manipulator set is like?

These items also caught my eye..

>B-CLUB,4800yen,1958:1/144,High-Detailed Parts for Grand battle Gundam -
Feb. 2000
>(SPEC) Contents; Beam Sabre Rack, Refined Leg(under knee), Magazine
Equipped Waist >Armor, Container Carrier, Head, Hands.

>B-CULB,6500yen,1948:1/100,Tune-Up Parts for MG GIM CANNON - Feb. 2000
>(SPEC) contents; Up-Dated version of Head, Cannon, Armors.

Armors? As in the GM Cannon2 style?

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