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At 07:09 01/13/2001 -0700, tabby-23 wrote:
>Starting with Zeta, another danger appears from all those leg-mounted
>4-Dusting(burning troops with rocket exhaust)

        Uh.. they did that in 08MST, a Zaku II's back thruster burned down
Kiki's house.

At 14:51 01/22/2000 EST, CatKanwak wrote:
><< I guess it's because they are also a heck lot more visible. =) >>
>More visible? Listen buddy, which are you going to see first? Me, or a
>seventy-foot walking nuclear disaster?? ^_^

        I meant with regards with Kiki's band. Every series you see regular
PBI getting shot up when they drive up in Jeeps. =)

        Your point is noted though. =)

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