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After the mehcapinoy guys witnessed my acquisition of the Turn X model
kit, I couldn't resist just assembling it and looking at how it was.

The good news is that it is a kick-ass model...the bad news? NONE!

I would like to start from the feet up on this kit.

1) the feet, though they look weird and difficult to pose in the pics
we've seen, is actually VERY poseable due to high ankle joints and a trick
I've seen only on the Zugock 0080 version: positionable toe system. this
little add-on, while it looks like frou-frou, adds immensely to the

2) the knee joint is the same as the turn A, utilizing the polycap system
first seen in G Gundam kits. but the big surprise here is the fact that it
has better than 90 degrees of turning radius. add the fact that the hip
joints are very flexible, and the fact that there are no skirt plates, you
can dynamically pose this baby's legs.

3) the idea of a ball joint in the midsection, seen in the turn a, is also
in this kit. it makes for a more dynamic torso poseability.

4) the arms are also very poseable, but this was done at the expense of
moving the armor plates on the shulder from the shulder itself to
attachment points on the upper arms. the raised elbow joint is an
improvement over the recessed elbow joint of the turn a.

5) The backpack is hinged -- though its being hinged has no effect on the
flexibility of the kit's movement. it houses a bazooka and a rifle...and
nothing else. I suspect that in the 1/100 version -- which i think this
will have -- it will be able to do a lot doesn't get to have so
much detail without a use...

other observations:

the armor is asymmetrical...which lends a creepy alien feeling to it. the
proportions are the same as the turn a's body. It's about as tall as the
turn a, but a bit more massive.

my only compplaint, really is that the plastic it used for a lot of parts
is that infamous off-colour white plastic last seen in some GM's.

The detail work on this kit, btw, is almost MG quality.

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