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What exactly is 08thMST Last Resort? Ive got the OVAs and I know there was
a movie in summer of 98, but what exactly is Last Resort? Ive never heard
of it...

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>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 21:19:24 +0100
>Edward Ju wrote:
> >
> > >I was watching 08MST Last Resort yesterday and was puzzled by the
> > >appearances of swans in it. Kiki commented that swans aren't suppose to
> > >be seen in the area. So what are they suppose to symbolize? Are they
> > >connected to the children in anyway?
> >
> > That'd be my guess - Lalah was closely associated with the swan from the
> > original series, a theme that repeats itself in Char's Counterattack.
> > Since these NT kids from the Flanagan Agency is the closest thing the
> > entire OVA series got to the original TV series, the swans were probably
> > added for old fans' sake.
> >
>Lalah was "pure".
>The children were "pure".
>Maybe the swan is the symbol of hope, of the pontial cleanless of the
>"Le persone che maltrattano la gente...lo fanno di certo perchŔ, a loro
>volta, sono state maltrattate...e anche perchŔ hanno una grande ferita
>nel cuore...per˛ chi continua su questa strada non diventerÓ mai una
>brava persona...e finirÓ per convincersi fino in fondo di essere l'unico
>dalla parte della ragione. Queste persone, alla fine, vanno senz'altro
>in rovina...
>Perdonale...perchŔ sono miserabili..."
>-Gun Driver
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