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Lim Jyue wrote:
> In 08MST, the Kiki's village is basically anti-MS Infantry, and we
> do see Amada Shiro take down a Zaku I with a bazooka shot to the groin,
> wrecking the leg. I imagine that MSes are good, but its normal weaponry
> isn't perfect for picking off infantrymen. Strange that we don't see more of
> these happening, on Earth or in colonies.

In the same episode of 08MST, we do see the Zaku I take out the
villagers with an anti-personnel mine. I wouldn't say that MSes are
helpless against infantrymen. Anyway, in MS Era, there is a picture of
two infantrymen trying to take down a Dom with a light anti-tank weapon
(LAW). It mentions that the LAW is nicknamed "Bamboo Spear" by the
infantrymen. Perhaps it's a reflection of its' usefulness.


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