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Rodrick Su wrote:

> Like Winn, I could have swear that while on Earth, Usso had to high tail out
> of a jamm very fast, and he basically turn the V Gundam into a non-humanoid
> shaped flying object away. This is with all 3 parts intack, Core-Top-Boot.
> They are just turned in such way that most thruster points in the same
> direction. (Similiar in execution to ZZ's G-Fortress, but smaller in size).

See? Usso was trying to follow up an attack to that ReCarl MA of Fara Griffon
and it had to switch to that 3 piece combination... And it was pretty fast I'd

> Of course, V Gundam featured some of the weirdest sudden configuration
> changes, such as V Gundam ditching the top for temporary tactical advangage
> during a fight.

True. I've seen how Usso and Oliver Inoue utilized the V gundam's ability to
switch-merge-release its components...

1. Before getting the V2, the V was followed by consequently followed by Lupe
Chino and the chase was leading to the innards of the colony, while opening a
main door via its hand, it was already targeted by that Lupe's MS, in just a
fraction of second, Usso ditched both top & bottom parts and escaped with the
core fighter itself.

(Usso seems to be a fan of Maximillian Genius...)

2. While on a Zanscare company, The Usso on the Core fighter+bottom part was on
a skirmish with Katejina, the bottom part was damaged and Usso, on kamikaze
mode, dispatched the bottom part, heading and slamming towards Katejina.

3. Going against Zanscare MS ships, Oliver, Usso & Marvet take their respective
core fighters with their top & bottom parts added with explosives probably,
going kamikaze and dispatching the parts towards the MS ships' launch doors
which destroy them instantly.

4. On an assault on the ocean, the V2 releases and leaves its bottom part and
with ms mode configuration, it sits on top of a ship... dunno why he did this...

> Usso also used up more Gundam part than any other pilots, Amuro included,
> but Victory, unlike the original Gundam is a mass produced model.

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