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I was always under the assumption that it the Boots..and whatever the other
portion was called was on very rudimentary auto..they sorta just 'home-in'
on the main Core Fighter, which makes the V series extremely easy to pick
off before it combines, doesn;t it? :)

One thing I just thought of..since the MSs aren't all that well armored, are
anti-MS Infantry of any use? I Imagine a typical MS to be pretty easy to
pick off if a good shot went right between the armor plating...

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> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > Winn Sevilla writes,
> >
> > > Since were at the brink of knowing the ZZ's G Fortress
> > >
> > > I'd prefer the configuration of the V & V2 Gundam since both looks
> > > aerodynamic and more acceptable design...
> >
> > They look better, and they get more practical mileage out of the
> > separating feature, but they share the same basic flaw of the ZZ in that
> > two primary modules (core top & base for the ZZ, top & bottom limb for
the V
> > and V2) have no cockpits. This means that, when you separate, each half
> > to dock with its own core fighter - so you need at least two fighters
> > each mobile suit.
> That can't be. In the first episodes, when Usso was being attacked by
> Asher's Zolo, the LM team sends out top and bottom parts to help out Usso
> transform the core fighter to form the v gundam... those parts flew and
> themselves to the core fighter. I'd say those parts have the ability to
fly and
> control themselves automatically, but they can't stand that long against
> attack. (Asher shot down a top part easily.)
> > The V and V2 have the additional problem that the mobile suit can't
form a
> > single transformed mode (you mention seeing a mode like this, but I
> > recall seeing it). So all this fancy transformation gear is only used in
> > separation process.
> I did see it! It's probably on the first 10 episodes! Just where that lady
> general who commands that frying pan-like mobile armor escaping, and Usso
had to
> convert to that single three-piece transformation to catch up with it! It
> the V gundam, but I don't see the V2 doing that configuration...
> It really looked cool.
> > The Superior Gundam (from Sentinel) has a separate cockpit for each
> > component, so the attacker and bomber can operate separately from the
> > fighter. This does mean wasting two extra pilots in mobile suit mode,
> > c'est la vie. At least you don't end up staring down at the ground
> > an unprotected glass canopy while in G-Fortress mode, as with the ZZ...!
> But what is that G-Booster configuration that I saw on the MS
Encyclopedia? It
> looks like an ordinary ship booster that added on the core fighter...
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