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>I've seen in V Gundam a combined configuration of the V's which is core
>fighter + top part + bottom part where it was following that frying
>pan-like mobile armor...
>What's this configuration called?

Both the LM312V04 V-Gundam and the LM314V21 V2-Gundam have three basic

Top Limb (A-Parts/Hanger)

Core Fighter (B-Parts)

Bottom Limb (C-Parts/Boots)

The Top Limb and Core Fighter (A+B) combination is called the Top Fighter.

The Core Fighter and Bottom Limb (B+C) combo is called the Bottom Fighter.

Insofar as I know, there's no combination of all three parts other than the
V-Gundam proper, but the V-Gundam Core Fighter also contains the head,
which is retracted so that just the V antenna shows, so it may be the
Bottom Fighter.

The only other possibility is the LM312V04+SD-VB03A V-Dash Gundam, a
combination of the LM312V04 V-Gundam and the SD-VB03A Dash booster. The
Core Fighter and Dash can combine to form a Core Booster, but I don't
recall seeing any other combo (Top Booster or Bottom Booster, if you will).

The "frying pan-like mobile armor" is the ZM-A05G Recarl.


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