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>Hello all, I was watching 0080 last night and stumbled upon something I
>was hoping one of the 'gurus' could comment on. At any rate, in the
>cargo bay that Alfred spies on there are _two_ container boxes. One
>marked NT-1 and one marked NT-2. We actually see more of the latter box,
>it is the one Alfred video-tapes and that the Zeon later leadership
>sees. After Alfred moves away, we see the NT-1 container open, revealing
>'the' Alex head. So is this evidence for a second NT-2 Alex that say
>wasnt fully reading for testing yet and was not delivered to
>Amuro/whoever because of the end of the war?

You get some very clear shots of this scene in Gundam 0080 the OAV Movies
VII, pages 55 and 57. The cargo containers are obviously not large enough
to hold an entire a mobile suit and BOTH containers are also numbered
00238X and are thus part of a single shipment.

On page 33, in the scene where the Cyclops Team attacks the Federation
base, a white-clad technician is shown standing next to a similar orange
container, numbered 02238X. That's more likely a continuity error -- two
twos instead of two zeroes -- than a different shipment being loaded onto
the Ginga shuttle.

And here's a kicker: on page 233, the line art for the cargo container
shows one labeled "NT-3" on a vertical conveyor, presumably in the space
port at Side 6.

Judging by the relative sizes of the NT-1 container and what we can see of
it's contents, I estimate that NT-1 holds the upper half of the Gundam,
NT-2 the lower half and NT-3 the Chobham armor, although that too may
require more than one container. And what of the traditional Gundam
weapons that the G-4 went without, such as the beam rifle and
bazooka? More containers or not included?

The proper labelling would be "NT-1 of x" where "x" is the total number of


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