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I'm gonna play devils advocate here and say since the containers
weren't much bigger than the Alex's head it was stored in several
boxes, much like the Kamfer(sp?) anyhow, Alex probably too a
few boxes to hold everything.

Unlike the Kamfer that Neil and I were joking about... Cyclops
team brought 4 containers to Side 6, one held the Heat Hawk &
a few grenades, another one held the Chain Mine, the third one
got towed away by the Feds, so the Kamfer must have fit into the
fourth container all by itself...

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> Hello all, I was watching 0080 last night and stumbled upon something I
> was hoping one of the 'gurus' could comment on. At any rate, in the
> cargo bay that Alfred spies on there are _two_ container boxes. One
> marked NT-1 and one marked NT-2. We actually see more of the latter box,
> it is the one Alfred video-tapes and that the Zeon later leadership
> sees. After Alfred moves away, we see the NT-1 container open, revealing
> 'the' Alex head. So is this evidence for a second NT-2 Alex that say
> wasnt fully reading for testing yet and was not delivered to
> Amuro/whoever because of the end of the war?
> Neil Baumgardner
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