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No, I think you misunderstood. Stanley Hawkins is your Commanding
officer, not the character you play, and is unchanged from the Japanese
version. I think you still play as Master P Rayer, although the reviewer
didn't mention the name.

I think you will just have to accept the name. Changing this name is
like changing the name of any other Gundam character in the English dub

If it's any consolation, nobody in the Japanese version calls you Master
P and I doubt if they will in the English one : )


Rodrick Su wrote:

> Well, for one thing, the main character's name in English version is
> Stanley Hawkins, a major improvement over Master P. Rayer. I can
> actually take Stanley Hawkins as a Aussie name.
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> Check out this link for the latest hands on impressions of
> the US Dreamcast version of Gundam Side Story: Rise >From
> The Ashes.
> The reviewer seems to be quite impressed with the quality of
> the voice overs.
> IGN DC Preview
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