Winn Sevilla (
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:51:52 +0800

So lets say if Judo separates the ZZ to the core top and base...

Judo pilots the core top where the real core fighter is (core base), who pilots
the core top? (The cockpit on the double mega cannon...)

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Winn Sevilla wonders...
> > I've been wondering what the G-Fortress of the ZZ Gundam is for...
> It's actually pretty useless. I suppose it has the same basic advantage as
> other transforming mobile suits, in that the thrusters all line up behind
> the center of mass - increasing acceleration at the expense of
> manueverability. And perhaps the G-Fortress mode is marginally more
> aerodynamic, hence better suited to cruising in atmosphere. But it doesn't
> have the Z Gundam's re-entry capabilities, so it's hard to see the real
> point.
> > And who's piloting the Core Top? There's this cockpit on the double mega
> > cannon...
> That's one option, but normally the Core Top is operated from a docked
> Core Fighter. This means that you need two Core Fighters to separate the ZZ
> - one for the Core Top, one for the Core Base.

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