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Thu, 20 Jan 2000 16:25:14 -0800

Winn Sevilla wonders...

> I've been wondering what the G-Fortress of the ZZ Gundam is for...

  It's actually pretty useless. I suppose it has the same basic advantage as
other transforming mobile suits, in that the thrusters all line up behind
the center of mass - increasing acceleration at the expense of
manueverability. And perhaps the G-Fortress mode is marginally more
aerodynamic, hence better suited to cruising in atmosphere. But it doesn't
have the Z Gundam's re-entry capabilities, so it's hard to see the real

> And who's piloting the Core Top? There's this cockpit on the double mega
> cannon...

  That's one option, but normally the Core Top is operated from a docked
Core Fighter. This means that you need two Core Fighters to separate the ZZ
- one for the Core Top, one for the Core Base.

-- Mark

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