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<< Would you believe classic Hinduism?
 It seems that, back in medieval times, there was a Hindu guru named Gundam
 Raul, now considered a Mahanubhava ("Great Soul" -- equivalent of a saint),
 whose teachings are still preserved in the Marathi dialect.
 "Gundam" is, apparently, a not uncommon Hindi name, one not associated with
 a particular gender. The other Gundam reference was to a book on the
 effects of road construction of the Indian standard of living and culture
 by a Doctor Gundam Rajeswar, M.A., Ph.D., a woman of some standing at the
 Universoty of Andhra Pradesh in Visakhapatam.
 Gundam Raul ... Ranba Ral ... Lalar Sun ... Hamaan Khan ... Shakti Kareen.
 I wonder....
 -Z- >>
WHOAAA...Gundam Raul...Im hindu btw...i didnt know that...

"Aku. Soku. Zan." -- Saitoh Hajime

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