Thu, 20 Jan 2000 03:40:38 EST

  Is there a English language Gundam Newsgroup? If there is, I could not find
one. If there is none, I am going to try to create an English one. I am
reading information of how to do this right now. It will most likely be
something like or I have found a
Japanese one, but have not found a English one.

  Before I try this, I want to ask this. Is there a need for a Gundam
Newsgroup? If yes, why. Because, when a request to a Newsgroup is made, it
has to be voted on. This decides if the Newsgroup is created or not. I ask
this because, I have to have good reasons for the Newsgroup to have a chance
at getting accepted and there has to be genuine need for this Newsgroup.

  I like the Gundam Mailing List a lot, but a Newsgroup would most likely
reach more people, especially once Wing airs in America. I am in no hurry to
create this Newsgroup, because I have to read up on this, before I try it.
Even if the Newsgroup is created, I will still use this list too. There's a
lot of good people here. The proposed Gundam Newsgroup, is not meant as a
replacement for this list, by any means.

  Please let me know what everyone thinks about this idea,


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