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><< Anyways this is just a graphic question these units don't come out when i
> play, ijust get the original terran/protoss units:
> Musai
> Komusai
> Media
> >>
>Umm... where can I get a copy of Starcraft? ;_; My computer stores seem to be
>out, and how much can I expect to have to shell out for this?

You can order directly from Blizzard's website (www.blizzard.com). They
currently have a special where you get a free limited edition Terran
Marine action figure (the War Pig) with a purchase of $25 or more. Note
however you will need Brood War too in order to get the conversion to work.

>If anything, I'll get the Gundam conversion just to see the Musai -class
>cruiser... they're sooooooooo cool ^.^;;;;

The Core Fighter IIs are even cooler. It's the earliest flier you can get
in the game, and a dozen of them can wipe out your enemy's developing base,
if used correctly.


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