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Dafydd writes,

>Ye gods, Mark! What a concept!


>That certainly carries the "it's not Canon unless it's shown in the anime"
>to its ultimate logical conclusion.

  Right. And the disappearance of Side 6, the only one untouched by the
war, is rather suspicious...

>But what of all the Side maps that
>have been published over the years, in the Z Gundam film comics, Newtype
>100% Collections, Entertainment Bibles, and so on?

  These are neither canonical or consistent. I note that the latest Z
Gundam maps - including those in the new film comics and Studio Hard's
pilot collection - show the Gate of Sedan as remaining at Side 3, rather
than being transferred to Side 7 as earlier publications always claimed.
(This actually makes more sense to me, but that's a separate topic.)

>Gee, Mark, and all we have to do to confirm this theory is watch all 47 eps
>of Z Gundam and all 50 eps of Gundam ZZ looking for the single frame or
>line of dialog that would contradict it?
>And you know what? There are enough of us who are strongly enough
>concerned about such things that someone will do just that.

  Well, I've turned up a couple more references to Sides greater than 3...

* In Z Gundam, the AEUG forces depart the moon and gather at Side 4 en
route to the Jaburo drop. Like the later attempt to drop a Side 4 colony
on Granada, this indicates that Side 4 lies between Earth and the moon.
At any rate, it remains uninhabited.

* This one's interesting. Three Sides are referenced in Char's
Counterattack. We have Side 1, where Londenion is located (and which now
has the services of former Side 6 treasury official Cameron Bloom). We
have Side 2, which fires on the descending 5th Luna and later dispatches
its Federation garrison in support of the London Bell. And then we have
Side 5, which _also_ sends reinforcements along with those from Side 2
and Luna Two.

  The latter example is curious indeed. As per the One Year War-era map,
Side 5 was reduced to rubble and never rebuilt. (And we know that no
replacement colonies were constructed until after UC 0100.) As per the Z
Gundam map, it's located next to Side 2 and could send reinforcements
just as readily... but then why couldn't it help fire at 5th Luna while
it was at it?

  On the other hand, you'll recall from my initial theory that a
consolidation and renumbering of the Sides would result in Side 7
becoming... yes, Side 5. Right next to Luna Two, and just as capable of
sending reinforcements.

  Still nothing but a guesswork theory, but it's getting juicier. :-)

-- Mark

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