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Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:48:37 -0500

>>>I remember. Don't misunderstand that. It's just that you weren't clear on
>>>your emotions towards Gundam Century or on many other subjects, therefore
>>>people on the mailing list probably misunderstand you. That's probably why
>>>they don't like you or perhaps don't enjoy your comments as much. Just an
>>>observation since I'm mostly quiet.
>>My observation:
>>Any neutral statements posted on this ML is automatically assumed to be
>>coming from the worse angle possible.

I don't mean to be an ass and butt in on your conversation but I really don't
remember any negative statements aimed at Eddie. For the most part he seems to
know his stuff, beside I'm pretty sure at least one of you (which i can name)
doesn't like me.

Anyways this is just a graphic question these units don't come out when i
play, ijust get the original terran/protoss units:

is there anyway to fix this?

BTW great job!, I love how you did the FAZZ.

- Roger

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