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> >Here's how the theory works. Before the war, we have six populated Sides
> >(plus the single-colony Side 7), each said to have forty-plus
> colonies and a
> >billion-plus inhabitants. During the war, roughly half the
> space colonists
> >are killed. As demonstrated in 0083, many depopulated colonies were
> >subsequently fixed up and transferred to other Sides.
> >
> > I posit that the other colonies were consolidated into only two Sides.
> >Sides 1 and 4 are merged into Side 1, while Sides 2 and 6 become Side 2.
> >Side 3 absorbs the leftovers. This gives us three colony
> clusters, each with
> >the same total population as a pre-war Side but twice the number of
> >colonies. That's why postwar Sides have many more colonies (witness the
> >reference to Side 2, 85 Bunch in Z Gundam).
> Ye gods, Mark! What a concept!
> >Now, it's pretty controversial to claim that all the other Sides simply
> >disappeared, and I'll admit that this contradicts the
> Sunrise-authored Side
> >map published when Z Gundam was originally aired. However, I
> don't think it
> >contradicts anything shown in the actual animation. From Z
> Gundam onwards,
> >Sides 5 and 6 are never mentioned again. Indeed, in V Gundam,
> we're shown a
> >map that indicates that Side 2 (the Zanscare Empire) is
> attacking Side 1;
> >the other Sides that should share their orbits aren't shown,
> and there's no
> >reference in the series to the other Side that should be Side
> 2's neighbor.
> That certainly carries the "it's not Canon unless it's shown in
> the anime"
> to its ultimate logical conclusion. But what of all the Side maps that
> have been published over the years, in the Z Gundam film comics, Newtype
> 100% Collections, Entertainment Bibles, and so on? It was
> combing through
> those that showed that the Z Gundam arrangement (or, more correctly,
> rearrangement) had been carried forward all the way through V Gundam,
> creating the split between One Year War and Z Gundam and thereafter.
> And, as noted by me in my review thereof, the Z Gundam game book uses the
> old One Year War map, hinting that, having established the arrangement in
> earlier games, Sunrise or whomever seemed to be carrying it forward so as
> not to confuse the gamers who had memorized the earlier arrangement....
> > What of the other Lagrange points? Side 7 appears in the
> opening episodes
> >of Z Gundam, but I don't think it's ever referred to by that
> name. Side 4 is
> >mentioned once, when the Titans try to drop one of its ruined
> colonies on
> >Granada. Presumably, these two unpopulated regions get renumbered - the
> >space graveyard in front of the moon would be reclassified as
> Side 4 (and
> >later as the Frontier Side), while the former Side 7 would be renumbered
> >Side 5 (though everybody in Z Gundam seems to call it Green Oasis).
> Yeah, Green Noah/Oasis and Gryps 1 and 2. I can't recall hearing anyone
> say "Side 7" but of course have seen it referred to as such for years.
> >What think you, fellow UC nerds? Is there any reference to
> Sides 4 through 7
> >from Z Gundam onwards that I've missed? Is Side 7 ever
> mentioned by number
> >in Z Gundam, and does Side 6 ever reappear in later stories?
> Gee, Mark, and all we have to do to confirm this theory is watch
> all 47 eps
> of Z Gundam and all 50 eps of Gundam ZZ looking for the single frame or
> line of dialog that would contradict it?
> And you know what? There are enough of us who are strongly enough
> concerned about such things that someone will do just that.
> I propose a limited amnesty for fansubbers -- can any of you guys who've
> done the scripts either confirm or deny Mark's Hypothesis?

I have already done that... No, nothing contridicts this. I have always
felt that this Colony Relocation plan as seen in 0083 is a power grab ploy
to neutralize spacenoid independance. It makes administration more
centralized, and dissolved the formerly independant Side 6 into a Federation
entity again.

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