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Hi folks,

  As longtime UC nitpickers may have noticed, there's some inconsistency
regarding the locations of the seven Sides in Earth orbit. Essentially,
everything up to and including 0083 uses one Side map; everything from Z
Gundam onwards uses another.

  Both Side maps agree on the locations of Sides 1, 2, 3, and 7 - the first
two being to either side of the moon, Side 3 behind it, and Side 7 opposite
it, on the other side of Earth orbit. The early map puts Side 5 in front of
the moon, grouping Side 6 with Side 2 and Side 4 with Side 1. The later map
has Side 4 in front of the moon, Side 6 with Side 1, and Side 5 with Side 2.

  Well, here's a new theory to reconcile this continuity glitch. What if
these roving sides were simply liquidated after the One Year War?

Here's how the theory works. Before the war, we have six populated Sides
(plus the single-colony Side 7), each said to have forty-plus colonies and a
billion-plus inhabitants. During the war, roughly half the space colonists
are killed. As demonstrated in 0083, many depopulated colonies were
subsequently fixed up and transferred to other Sides.

  I posit that the other colonies were consolidated into only two Sides.
Sides 1 and 4 are merged into Side 1, while Sides 2 and 6 become Side 2.
Side 3 absorbs the leftovers. This gives us three colony clusters, each with
the same total population as a pre-war Side but twice the number of
colonies. That's why postwar Sides have many more colonies (witness the
reference to Side 2, 85 Bunch in Z Gundam).

Now, it's pretty controversial to claim that all the other Sides simply
disappeared, and I'll admit that this contradicts the Sunrise-authored Side
map published when Z Gundam was originally aired. However, I don't think it
contradicts anything shown in the actual animation. From Z Gundam onwards,
Sides 5 and 6 are never mentioned again. Indeed, in V Gundam, we're shown a
map that indicates that Side 2 (the Zanscare Empire) is attacking Side 1;
the other Sides that should share their orbits aren't shown, and there's no
reference in the series to the other Side that should be Side 2's neighbor.

  What of the other Lagrange points? Side 7 appears in the opening episodes
of Z Gundam, but I don't think it's ever referred to by that name. Side 4 is
mentioned once, when the Titans try to drop one of its ruined colonies on
Granada. Presumably, these two unpopulated regions get renumbered - the
space graveyard in front of the moon would be reclassified as Side 4 (and
later as the Frontier Side), while the former Side 7 would be renumbered
Side 5 (though everybody in Z Gundam seems to call it Green Oasis).

What think you, fellow UC nerds? Is there any reference to Sides 4 through 7
from Z Gundam onwards that I've missed? Is Side 7 ever mentioned by number
in Z Gundam, and does Side 6 ever reappear in later stories?

-- Mark


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