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> << Hey, it happens. I wished UPN could have finished the Teknoman
> Blade) anime series but they never did. Wonder why Cartoon Network
> tried picking it up for their Toonami block. I understand Teknoman aired
> Australia in its entirety. >>
> Same here. TeknoMan was a very good anime. BTW, TekkaMan 2 is released
> English on tape, in I think, a subbed version and an English version.
> TekkaMan is what Teknoman is called in Japan. I liked Guyver, too. Only
> 4 episodes though. Its too bloody, though. I wish some Guyver action
> and TekkaMan action figures existed.

Well, the original Tekkaman was called Tekkaman. The one we got, Teknoman,
is actually Tekkaman Blade in Japan, which was Tatsunoko's update of their
old Tekkaman series. Of all the Tatsunoko updates, most consider Blade one
of the few series to be an improvement over the original.


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