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<< Hmm, now that so many have mentioned it, I do kinda remember something
about aliens being mentioned (esp. in the toy line), but it's been about 3 or
more years since I watched any of the episodes. I have most on tape, although
they are all at home. >>

  Its been a LONG time since I have seen Exo Squad. But, here goes:

Towards the "end" of Exo Squad, they went to a planet, then some activated
this weird spire thing, that was hinted at that sends a message to some alien
race. Then, the show ended. Exo Squad got VERY good at the end, espically all
those clone Neo Sapien experiments, that created some werid Neo Sapiens.

It was very clear that the show wasn't finished.

What I don't understand, is why where Robotech toys released under the Exo
Squad line. I saw magazine ads for them, the message in the ad said something
about Robotech, (for the Exo Squad Robotech toys), that hinted at, maybe, a
Robotech/Exo Squad cross over?!?! A Robotech/Exo Squad cross over :) That
would be, uh, werid. That's like a Gundam/Evangelion cross over. Better stop
now, am getting a little stupid :)

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