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> << From what I understand, it had a fairly limited run. About the only
> most people probably saw it was back years ago when it ran on USA's mo >>
> I watched every episode of Exo Squad and really liked it. I think it
> canceled, because a plot twist about aliens was started, but never
> because Exo Squad was stopped. The show wasn't finished when my local Fox

> stopped showing it. I really wish Exo Squad was finished up. It even had
> character that died, brougt back to life as a clone! I thought that was
> pretty cool.

Hey, it happens. I wished UPN could have finished the Teknoman (Tekkaman
Blade) anime series but they never did. Wonder why Cartoon Network hasn't
tried picking it up for their Toonami block. I understand Teknoman aired in
Australia in its entirety.


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