Andrew Dynon (
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 06:22:21 +1100

>That's ok. I might try looking them up later. Thanks for the offer though.
As for Exosquad, I'm not really surprised that you haven't seen it. From
what I understand, it had a fairly limited run. About the only time most
people probably saw it was back years ago when it ran on USA's morning
cartoon block. At least they managed to finish the story before it ended.

I heard that actually it didn't finish the way it was intended - the story
was supposed to end with an attack by an alien race which forced the humans
and Neo-Sapiens to ally with one another (hinted at in one of the character
profiles with the line "some day, we may ally with the Neo-Sapiens to fight
an enemy more terrible than Phaeton" (this may not be the exact quote).

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