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>> >That's the word that was mentioned back in October. A 1 hour extension
>> >Toonami in April with Wing and Tenchi being added. There was word flying
>> >around that Kenshin was being saught as well.
>> Thats great, thanks. Now if we could just convince the UK arm to
>> take a risk... ^_^
>But teh UK had Tenchi and Galaxy Rangers a few years ago on their Sci-Fi
>channel. (While myslef and others wished we were in the UK)

        You'll have to excuse me while I give a slightly bitter ironic
laugh here... ^_^ So many UK anime fans are looking at whats available
in the US, and then seeing what we get, and making pitiful longing
sounds, thats its a a bit odd to hear the reverse...! Tenchi on the Sci
Fi Channel was cut to ribbons so they could squeeze adverts in, but to
be fair to the Sci Fi Channel they have made an effort to get fan
feedback and acquire non-Manga (or Mangle, as they're sometimes known
here... ^_^) titles, that are rather different from the usual blood and
guts horror anime that seems to make it on to UK TV.

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