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>You are correct, I am wrong. Batman the Animated series rocks too. Never saw ExoSquad. Galaxy Rangers was a sci-fi show that actually was about having a good story, not displaying the new toy of the week. In fact there weren't any toys or merchandise. It had interesting characters, good animation, and good stories IMHO. There are Galaxy Ranger web sites out there but I don't have the URL's readily available at the moment. But I can find them if you want.

That's ok. I might try looking them up later. Thanks for the offer though. As for Exosquad, I'm not really surprised that you haven't seen it. From what I understand, it had a fairly limited run. About the only time most people probably saw it was back years ago when it ran on USA's morning cartoon block. At least they managed to finish the story before it ended.

Hmmm, I wonder if we could get Cartoon Network or the Sci-Fi channel to try to get old favorites like ExoSquad, Transformers, and maybe even the old AD&D cartoon (hey, I grew up with it, it has nostalgia value for me) in their lineups?

Probably not.


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