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<< I was refering to the Gundam movie dubs. I only own dubs of Eva and I love
them. Didn't you notice how I said I met some of the voice actors and enjoyed
their company? Amanda Winn-Lee and Tiffany Grant (and Doug Smith too, but he
wasn't in Eva, I don't think) are great people.

Actually I will admit that watching the Dubbed movies is a little easier then
having to watch the subtitled. The subtitled requires more work, and is
harder to get others to watch. And other then a few badly translated lines,
the Sha thing, and the whole Gun Damn thing, it is somewhat O.K. But I will
admit that there is a LOT of room for improvement. They need to get someone
to direct the voice actors who actually has a feeling for and understanding
of the subtleties of the show and it's characters.


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