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<< Same here. I downloaded the web one (thanks to whoever it was that posted
it. Sorry, I've forgotten who, bad memory), and then saw it twice this
afternoon on tv (and 25 inches of screen is sssssooooo much better than the
mere 2 inches or so on the Realplayer). I thought the voices sounded fine,
from what I could tell. Much better than some of the others in the various
anime series I've seen (particularly older, dubbed for tv anime). >>

  I like dubs. Its bad dubs that bother me. If CN even has an opening for
Gundam Wing, wonder if they will use the Japanese one or make a new opening?
Except for Sailor Moon, I really like the Toonami block. The only thing I
dislike about Toonami, is the lack of the openings for some of the shows.

   I heard complaints about the Evangelion dub, but I thought it was a very
good dub. I like subtitles, but I like dubs better. I usually only get subs
when there's no choice or there's not doubt the sub is better then the dub.

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