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If shoujo Anime has a literal term where it's for females then I take your
word for it, but if it's simply directed towards females then I would have
to only half agree with you. Directed towards females yes, but I don't
think it is JUST for girls. I think Sailor Moon proves that in a lot of


>> I don't think any Anime is not fit for anybody's taste. If one is open
>> enough, they can accept any sort of story or concept just as long as it
>> provides it's targeted goal and message. For example, Starship Troopers
>> the movie wasn't targeted to replicate the novel onto the silver screen;
>> instead it was meant to express a farce or rather a mocked version of
>> it...while showing violence galore without proceeding to provide the
>> tragedy or hardship. It was meant to be a senseless, emotionless
>> movie...but still provide the sensation of bravery of war. Particular
>> Gundam stories are meant to show certain emotions and target certain
>> audiences. Gundam Wing is the most contraversial and arguable series of
>> them all; being the most popular among mainstream and hardcore that is.
>> Gundam Wing, although, I don't like it either; it does provide the
>> by having a very powerful and "perfect"-being cast of 5 male youngsters
>> each with their own very cookie cutter charisma and personality. That's
>> what shoujo is anyway.
>No, shoujo is anime and manga supposedly targeted at females. They are not
>anime/manga with stock characters that have cookie cutter charisma and
>personalities. Shounen has the same problems as well many times.
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