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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

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> > > That said, your typical movie (let alone a short story) doesn't
> really
> > allow enough time for character development - maybe enough time for one
> or
> > two characters to grow and change, but that's about it. The plot twists
> and
> > reversals, and the cast-wide character development, that characterize the
> > 50-episode epics of yore simply can't be replicated in a movie or
> > six-episode OVA.
> Hmm...that's probably why 0080 and even to a certain extent Gunbuster
> (although I have mixed feelings of this series as a whole) worked rather
> well, with it small cats of characters.

You're forgetting a basic part of this - a *good* story, a well written story,
can develop as many characters as necessary in the time a typical movie takes.
A shit story, a cliche'd crap movie/tv series/etc. can go forever and never
explain anything well. 0080 concentrated on that very well. Some shows seem
to think eye candy is more important.


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