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> > That said, your typical movie (let alone a short story) doesn't
> allow enough time for character development - maybe enough time for one
> two characters to grow and change, but that's about it. The plot twists
> reversals, and the cast-wide character development, that characterize the
> 50-episode epics of yore simply can't be replicated in a movie or
> six-episode OVA.

Hmm...that's probably why 0080 and even to a certain extent Gunbuster
(although I have mixed feelings of this series as a whole) worked rather
well, with it small cats of characters.

> As a case study, consider 0083 - at thirteen episodes, it's twice the
> length of even the most ambitious standard OVA. How would the story have
> been different if 0083 were a full-length TV series? More plot twists,
> factions, more shifting of alleigances; more romantic entanglements; more
> characters, allowing for more complicated character interactions. Given
> times as much screen time, Gato might have developed into a
> character with vulnerabilities and fears and complications, instead of a
> cool-looking robot.

But if they took Gato and developed him further, you run the risk of him
being a Char clone. In fact, people still compare him to Char.

By the way, there was a thread a long while ago about 0083 being a little
inconsistent when it came to Nina's feelings of Gato. Was this ever
resolved? I have a Ryosuke Takahashi interview (the Animerica issue on
Votoms) and he said that the staff pretty much changed midway through the
series, which may account for the fragmented feeling between episodes 7 and
8 (could be earlier).


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