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> ><< Tell you the truth Mark, I think its not just the OAV that's killing
> > version of the genre - but the next generation of fans as well.
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> >Please don't think I have something against intelligence, but I would
> >to
> >know this much: what, exactly is wrong with OVA's? I mean compared to
> >originals? I know 0080 is OVA (and has my favorite mecha, the Hygog), I
> >haven't seen it, however
> The problem with the OVAs as being talked about in this thread is that
> are far too short to have the sort of character development that a series

> such as the original Gundam or Z-Gundam had. (43 and 50 episodes as
> to 6 for 0080, and 13 for 0083.) As a result, most of the OVAs are
> action and eye candy (0080 being a pleasant exception, with it's strong,
> character driven story.)

But if your reasoning is true, then we would have to discard thousands of
movies as nothing but action and eye candy with little character
development, since most are supposedly under two hours (1999 being an
exception with their ridiculously long 3 hour movies).

It's true that with TV characters are easier to bond with as they can be
developed through a long period of time, but shorter stories like the Gundam
OAVs have to juggle character and plot more densely. Still, a really
well-done OAV can be a very rewarding experience, as they provide a compact
story that can entertain without demanding too much from the viewer (liek
sticking it out for several episodes for the show to get to the "good


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