Chris Beilby (
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:42:44 GMT

> >I don't know if anyone realized this, but anyone who watched the movie
> >Starship Troopers should know that they were () <--this close to making
> >in with the movie.
>No closer than double the film's budget. They decided to spend the money
>on CG bugs instead, but the power suits may be back if they eventually do
>the sequel.

The film was a bomb, and was so bad that Robert Heinlein's widow, Virginia,
even had his name removed from the movie (Unlike the new Computer Animated

Please note (Not for Eddie, but rather the original poster) that the Anime
Starship Troopers is not the CG series, but rather a Sunrise production done
in the late eighties, roughly the same time as 0080.
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