Chris Beilby (
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:32:58 GMT

><< Tell you the truth Mark, I think its not just the OAV that's killing our
> version of the genre - but the next generation of fans as well.
> >>
>Please don't think I have something against intelligence, but I would like
>know this much: what, exactly is wrong with OVA's? I mean compared to the
>originals? I know 0080 is OVA (and has my favorite mecha, the Hygog), I
>haven't seen it, however

The problem with the OVAs as being talked about in this thread is that they
are far too short to have the sort of character development that a series
such as the original Gundam or Z-Gundam had. (43 and 50 episodes as opposed
to 6 for 0080, and 13 for 0083.) As a result, most of the OVAs are mainly
action and eye candy (0080 being a pleasant exception, with it's strong,
character driven story.)

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