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This is the Italian openig...translated

My Friends I'm Peter Rey
Commander of the robot
I'm the boy that say 'no' to the enemies
No one can do it aganist Gundam!
Here they are attacking us
Never fear
Because there's someone thinking to you
Gundam! Gundam!
Transforming Module
and Guncannon will shoot
and Guntank, the invincible
aganist the tanks will fight
You'll see no one will escape.

"Dafydd Dyar, Contractor" wrote:
> I can't let Probe have ALL the fun, so....
> Gundam, the White Mobile Suit
> Armored with Lunar alloy
> Joined the team aboard the White Base
> (Also known as Horse of Troy)
> All of the Zeon aces
> Sneered at them and called them names
> Until the White Mobile Suit
> Shot those suckers down in flames
> Then one dreary New Year's Eve
> The Feddies came to say:
> "Gundam, with your hull so white,
> Won't you lead us to the fight?"
> Now all the fighting's over
> (Leastwise 'til Double-Oh-8-3)
> Gundam, the White Mobile Suit
> You're a Stardust Memory!
> -Z-
> +-----------+
> | W E L C O |
> | M E · T O |
> | · T H E · |
> | N E X T · |
> | L E V E L |
> +-----------+
> -
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"Le persone che maltrattano la gente...lo fanno di certo perchè, a loro
volta, sono state maltrattate...e anche perchè hanno una grande ferita
nel cuore...però chi continua su questa strada non diventerà mai una
brava persona...e finirà per convincersi fino in fondo di essere l'unico
dalla parte della ragione. Queste persone, alla fine, vanno senz'altro
in rovina...
Perdonale...perchè sono miserabili..."
-Gun Driver

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