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> ><< I got soured on EVA not because of the characters or story, but in
the way
> > the whole thing was out together. I spent quite a bit of money on this
> > (back when they were about $25+ a tape) and I can't help but feel
> > short-changed by the cheapness of its presentation when I watch it now.
> > >>
> >
> I don't know what you are complaining about as far as Evangelion is
concerned. All the tapes I've got (the ADV dubs) are extremely well done,
IMO, and the story is a very compelling search into human existence and
relationships (even the series ending was good and fit well with the rest of
the series, IMO). It is my all time favorite anime series. Of course, I am
also an American who enjoys watching Serial Experiments Lain and getting his
mind twisted around by it.

I have no problem with ADV, it's the show itself. WHile the story is
genuinely quite intriguing, it also never really develops. Huh? Well, what I
mean is that since EVA seems to be a very personal work, there's a lot of
metaphysical musings, but not a whole lot of accomplishment, other than the
last two episodes, which in my opinion, WERE pretty good. I also do not
appreciate Anno's way of passing limited animation off as art. Yeah, it's
creative and all, but it takes more effort to draw a lot of frames and pay
more attention to movement than it is to throw in a bunch of stock footage
and repeat them not once or twice in the series, but thirty!

If this was on TV, I'd have no problem with it, but I'm paying big money for
two episodes a tape, and when the quality gets cheaper and cheaper (in
design and animation) I begin to feel a little ripped off. Story is good,
but you have to tell the story well, and I think Evangelion's animation does
not tell it well--it jumps back and forth to fill in plot holes (a sign of
rushed storytelling as it is) and 3 minute still scenes with only dialogue
(and in some cases, none) is not my idea of getting your money's worth.

Oh, and I'm not a fan of analytical self-conscious shows, either. Well, I
was intrigued by EVA when I first saw it, but when I watch other series that
explore the same themes in less pretentious and more subtle ways, I usually
lean towards those. Just my opinion.

For what it's worth, I DO like the EVA dub.

Whew! long explanation.


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