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> Think of it in this sense, I feel that a person who grows up with stuff
> Space Cruiser Yamato and Gundam will eventually be a more well-rounded
> person than those raised on Power Rangers. It may be an overwhelming
> generalization... But that's kind of feeling that I get when trying to
> communicate with younger fans. In one incident, I tried introducing 0080:
> War in the Pocket to a younger so-called mecha fan, returned the tape to
> and said..."uhm... pretty good... but not for me, I guess..."
You screwed up. I just bought the 0080 box set dub a few days ago (handsome
dub, by the way) and I can safely say that 0080 is not a mecha story, so the
so-called mecha fan you gave it to would undoubtedly be disappointed. There
are only two, maybe three standout mecha scenes in the show and even they
aren't a match (excitement wise) when compared to 0083 or GWing. I loved
0080, but it really is a character story in the vein of a Ghibli movie such
as Whisper of the Heart, except that it's faster paced and war-themed.


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