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>I have the dubs of the movies, and I hated the subtitled first movie. I'd
>rather get the dubbed; it's too distracting to watch subtitles

That's usually how I feel. That, plus it's generally cheaper to get the dubs. However, with some titles, like Nadesico, Bubblegum Crisis or Fushigi Yuugi, the dubs just don't really do the series justice as the voices are just wrong (as in Miaka's in the dub of Fushigi Yuugi) or the songs have been dubbed over (as in BGC). Nadesico's dub is just a little too fast paced for my taste when compared to the original (which I have the whole series of).

The reason I won't get the dubs of the movies is that I've heard of far too many minor things wrong in it. But I do highly recommend the dubs of 0083 and 0080 as I thought they were extremely well done.

Roland (who will be switching to DVDs as soon as more become available because that way I can get both subbed and dubbed at the same time)

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