Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:26:00 EST

I don't know if anyone realized this, but anyone who watched the movie
Starship Troopers should know that they were () <--this close to making mecha
in with the movie. I took a peek at the new anime version of Starship
Troopers, and I might say that I was impressed. Sure, they can use the
seventy-foot tall mecha, but if you want to get in and out and not be as easy
to spot as a cow in a church, the mobile suits work quite well.

By the way, really off-topic; I began working on a novel entitled 'Mecha
Storm', and there are three different classes of giant mecha in it: Mountain
Climber suits, the Yellow Jackets, and the Mobile Haruna. The pilot suits up
in a small suit like those in Starship Troopers and pilots his mecha like
that. The inspiration was Gundam: imagine, in the movies 3, when Char and
Amuro couldn't fight with their mecha anymore that they were wearing mobile
suits? Incredible ^_^

Richard Kanwak

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