Ray Hashman (megaman@infinet.com)
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:19:36 -0500

> Well, Ive been watching CN for an hour now to catch a glimpse of the
> commercials, and finally saw one. Looks pretty good, supposedly they said
> they would air the show UNCUT but I'll believe it when I see it. But oh
> boy, are the voices gonna suck...the only voiced lines in the commercial
> of Heero laughing maniacally after blasting that first MS in Ep 1 and
> another voice who sounds like some young dude trying too hard saying "They
> say those who see a Gundam don't live to tell about it," which is close
> one of the lines Zechs has in the same episode. Ewwww.........One bright
> spot though. All the mechanical noises and what not are the same as the
> japanese sounds, so at least they left that part of the soundtrack alone.
> Hopefully when they roll out Tenchi Muyo later they wont use their own
> actors and stick with the Pioneer dub.....Also, the catch phrase at the
> of the commercial is "Suit Up" which is incredibly cheesy but hey, catch
> phrases are all cheesy.

I've grabbed the commercial Sunday night and put it online for those who
haven't catched it yet.


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