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> I'd also say that the real robot genre fared poorly as the industry
> shifted to quickie OVAs. The complex plots, intricate politics, and
> developing characters that made '80s robot shows so cool can't be crammed
> into a six-episode video series.

This comment hit home.

Tell you the truth Mark, I think its not just the OAV that's killing our
version of the genre - but the next generation of fans as well.

I dunno, it may be just me - but I really believe that my generation's
sophistication in viewing is way more than those born in more recent times.

Think of it in this sense, I feel that a person who grows up with stuff like
Space Cruiser Yamato and Gundam will eventually be a more well-rounded
person than those raised on Power Rangers. It may be an overwhelming
generalization... But that's kind of feeling that I get when trying to
communicate with younger fans. In one incident, I tried introducing 0080:
War in the Pocket to a younger so-called mecha fan, returned the tape to me
and said..."uhm... pretty good... but not for me, I guess..."

Ugh. Well, thanks for sharing this stuff with me Mark...

Sahtannic Mechanic

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