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><< I got soured on EVA not because of the characters or story, but in the way
> the whole thing was out together. I spent quite a bit of money on this show,
> (back when they were about $25+ a tape) and I can't help but feel
> short-changed by the cheapness of its presentation when I watch it now.
> >>

I don't know what you are complaining about as far as Evangelion is concerned. All the tapes I've got (the ADV dubs) are extremely well done, IMO, and the story is a very compelling search into human existence and relationships (even the series ending was good and fit well with the rest of the series, IMO). It is my all time favorite anime series. Of course, I am also an American who enjoys watching Serial Experiments Lain and getting his mind twisted around by it.

Oh, and I've also met a few of the voice actors that did the ADV dub of Eva, and they are great people.

>Well, no one's more new to this than me. I've bought fifteen models in three
>days of Gundam, the movies and a few comic books. Now I'll say the
>heartstopper: I just got into Gundam 3 days ago ^_^
>Richard Kanwak

And here I was thinking I was bad buying more than 350 anime tapes, 40 CDs, 30 or so wall scrolls and posters, and numerous books, magazines and manga all in the space of the 4 (or is it 5 now?) years since I've gotten into anime.


Question though, did you buy the subs or the dubs of the movies? I have the subs myself and will not go near the dubs based on what I've heard from this list.

Roland (I do like the dubs of 0083 and 0080 however)

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