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On Mon, 17 Jan 2000 12:26:16 +0800, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> (First part doesn't fit into Gundam - but I'll be making the connection
> soon)
> I'm 25 and had been weaned on much of the anime's lore. As a kid I
> giant robot shows and Yamato. As a teen, I was fascinated by Macross and
> Robotech offshoots. In college, I became a true Gundam fan - though not
> much as many people on this list apparently - since it has always been
> the fascination of the Gundams for me and not the actual sci-fi behind

Me? I just like watching sharp characterizations combined with exciting
mecha battles. I'm new to Gundam, though, having just dipped into it from
the recent Bandai releases, so I'm a lurker here for now. I'm old enough to
know Macross, though.

> I just don't dig series like G Gundam or Gundam Wing anymore. EVA was
> fascinating for me at the start, but my taste for it quickly soured while
> the old series like 0079:OYW still has a place in my fondest memories of
> being a mecha fan.

I got soured on EVA not because of the characters or story, but in the way
the whole thing was out together. I spent quite a bit of money on this show,
(back when they were about $25+ a tape) and I can't help but feel
short-changed by the cheapness of its presentation when I watch it now.
> Even in the choices of Top Ten mecha lists among our local fans differ.
> generation looks up to Char's Counterattack mecha as the best. We usually
> include UC Gundam, Macross, Dougram and other 80s series as our top tens.

I like mecha--but there has to be someone worth caring about inside it. So
my taste in mecha really tend toward the strength of the pilot rather than
the 'bot itself. I really dug the designs for 0083, though. Even though they
don't coincide visually with Z Gundam, which takes place AFTER 0083. I also
count Escaflowne and the mecha in Votoms among my favourites, even though
these aren't technically mecha shows.

> The next generation place Rayearth, GWing, FSS in their top ten - usually
> the ones with extremely elaborate designs. Among these series - I can
> probably only appreciate mecha like the H-arms custom, Tallgeese and
> Serpent.

Ohh..here's where I get lost. Other than the unit names for each mecha in a
series (unit 01, unit 02) I can't remember all these different types of
robot models. I'm trying more recently, though.

As for the more elaborate designs--you're right, most people do prefer
these. I value identification over attractivenes, though.


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