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>Justin Palmer wrote:
>> I can recommend the Natural History Museum. ^_^
>Are you serious!?

        Partly. I've only been the once, but I enjoyed my visit,
although the main attraction for me were the dinosaurs. The Science
Museum is right next door, if you like to get more "hands on". However,
the museums in London take up a lot of time, so if you're not staying
long, you may want to give them a miss.
        I must admit, I usually only to London a few times a year on day
trips for shopping. I haven't been for sightseeing since I was about
>> I'm afraid that the UK is, sadly enough, not the best place to
>> look for anime goods. Most of the fans I know either import items from
>That's strange... UK is the source of a lot of subs and dubs right?
        Mostly licensed from the US, and subs is very nearly a dirty
word among UK branches of the big anime companies. For example, while
the US got a sub release of Evangelion, the UK got a dub only release. A
few companies have released subs, but Anime Projects, AnimEigos UK
branch no longer operate, and most UK releases are dubs. We also don't
see nearly as many releases as the US, and we don't get many TV series,
which are seen as unprofitable over a long run. More and more UK fans
are buying themselves NSTC compatible video players (we're on a
different format, PAL) or chipped DVD players (something else we're
behind on).
        We have some hope, a new anime company, MVM, has started
releasing AnimEigo releases, and several companies have announced UK DVD
releases, though with the odd exception, these are mostly titles
released on VHS (no Utena box sets, fro example... )
       Also, we have to put up with compulsory film censorship.

>> You're welcome! Enjoy your trip to the *real* Albion! ^_^
>Er... Is that a place?

        As Z has said, its an ancient name for the British Isles.
(thanks, Z, for the explanation, I've often wondered about its
origins... )
> oh gawd, i am so busy/disorganized, I don't have a
>place to stay yet, flying by the seat of my pants...
        I know how you feel, I've been planning my own holiday for this
year, and I'm still not sure what I'm doing... ^_^

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