Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 00:27:49 -0800

>Hello all, after getting Kondo's Crossover Notebook I, I decided to get
>Crossover Notebook II (0083-0153). It's very good, I especially liked
>the Sazabi treatment, MSM-03CBis HyGog and RGM-79U Aqua, but I was a
>little dissapointed at the cursory 0083 treatment - 2 whole pages! Is
>Kondo not a 0083 fan or something? Is there some sort of Kondo-Katoki
>tension? I was kinda looking forward to some 0083 stuff after it wasnt
>in the first Crossover Notebook.
>Comments anyone?
>Neil Baumgardner

Kondo is a bigger WW2 fan than an anime fan. I think he stopped watching
Gundam right around CCA. Since 0083 came out later, he probably never saw
it and was therefore not familiar with the series enough to put his own
mark on it.


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