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>In 0079, what is the name of the South American base?
>Diablo, Jaburo or Jabrow?
>I'm confused - since I always thought it was Diablo.

I always favored Diablo myself, as it seemed evocative of the locale as
well as being phonetically sound. The Romanization has traditionally been
"Jaburo" and was given on-screen as "Jabrow" in Gundam 0083, so it's a
toss-up in that regard.

On the other hand, the location of the base has been shown in several maps
that accompanied the Gundam computer video games. These maps have been
consistent across a number of games for the last couple of years, so
they're as Canonical as anything we've gotten so far.

I did a cross-reference of these maps with my Microsoft Encarta 99 Virtual
Globe, which has hundreds of thousands if not millions of entries and a
very good soundex (phoneme matching) algorithm. I found a solid match
between the location shown in the maps and a town called Jaburu in the
Amazonas province of Brazil.

<Musical interlude>

You say Jab'row
And I say Jaburo
You say Diablo
And I say Jaburu
Jabrow, Jaburo
Diablo, Jaburu
Let's call the whole thing off!


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