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>Justin Palmer wrote:
>> I can recommend the Natural History Museum. ^_^
>Are you serious!?
>> I'm afraid that the UK is, sadly enough, not the best place to
>> look for anime goods. Most of the fans I know either import items from
>That's strange... UK is the source of a lot of subs and dubs right?

There's a Bandai UK, but they aren't exactly a wellspring. Yes, the UK did
one of the first English adaptations of Gundam, but "Johnny Destiny, Space
Ninja" is not the most faithful adaptation of Gundam the Movie II to come
down the pike.

Then there's the small matter of PAL versus NTSC -- British-made video
isn't compatible with American and vice versa.

>> You're welcome! Enjoy your trip to the *real* Albion! ^_^
>Er... Is that a place? oh gawd, i am so busy/disorganized, I don't have a
>place to stay yet, flying by the seat of my pants...

Justin is referring to the fact that "Albion" is the name given by the
Romans for England, which was used up until the 12th Century and is still
used poetically to refer to England or the British Isles.

"Albion" comes from the Latin "albus" or "white" (same root as alb, albedo,
albino and albumen) and refers to the famous cliffs of Dover.


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